A PLANNING application has been submitted to build a 20 metre high mobile phone mast on Middleton Road in Prestwich.

The application from Three UK said: "The site selection process has been influenced by the numerous vertical elements of street furniture distributed around the vicinity of the site including street lighting columns.

"The height of the pole has been kept down to the absolute minimum capable of providing the required essential new 5G coverage.

"The site has been selected on a wide adopted area of the highway in a position that will not impede pedestrian flow or the safety of passing motorists.

"The proposed location benefits from the presence of tall, mature trees which provide screening, helping the proposed equipment to blend into the surrounding area.

"Existing street furniture provide additional screening by being of similar proportions and a similar height, further helping the proposed equipment to blend into its surroundings.

"This site has been strategically situated on a wide stretch of pavement as this means that the retained pavement width will facilitate the free-flow of pedestrians within this area.

"In addition to this, the proposed location is pulled away from amenities such as pedestrian crossings and cycle lanes, preventing any obstruction to both pedestrians and road-users within this area. As a result, when considering the previously mentioned factors, it is clear that this is the most suitable location for the proposed equipment as it prevents any infringement upon the character of the area whilst benefitting from screening, preventing it from appearing incongruous."