MEMORIES of a much-loved record shop have been resurrected by a well-known DJ and label owner.

Save Records in Bury Market closed in 2016 when it was the last remaining outpost of a chain of stores which also included outlets in Radcliffe, Rochdale and Lincoln.

The business was founded in 1968 by Rochdale FC’s then goalkeeper Simon Jones, who gave his brand a suitably football-themed name and graphic.

The shop’s distinctive logo has now been revived on a T-shirt by Jonny Trunk, who owns cult reissues label Trunk Records, as the latest in his series of garments celebrating long-closed record stores.

“I have been turning old and long gone record shop bag graphics into modern and groovy T-shirts,” said Jonny. “It started with Woolworths Record Dept, then on to Our Price, and the journey has continued around the British provinces, with independent defunct shops from Chelmsford to Kings Lynn and beyond, but Save Records is possibly my favourite so far.

“What’s really lovely is you start getting all these reactions from record buyers who remember the shop and they start swapping stories and memories.”

The Bury branch of Save Records opened in the market in 1974 and lasted over 40 years until its closure which came, rather ironically, at a time when vinyl began a revival in sales.

Jonny added: “I tracked down the last owners of Save Records and Simon has given permission to use his logo on the shirts. I love everything about the logo including the fact that it mixes two reasonably incongruous elements - soccer and record buying.

“But the message is beyond strong - SAVE RECORDS, and the illustration is a fab example of naïve folky brilliance. Who wouldn’t want to walk around with that across their chest?”

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