A HOUSING association has been asked to explain its actions after one of its residents died while recovering from a drug overdose at the site of the supported accommodation in which he lived.

Liam Kenyon, 35, died at Bury Bridges in Walmersley Road, Bury, in July last year.

Mr Kenyon had been homeless and had a longstanding addiction to prescribed diazepam.

On July 17, he was found unconscious in his room after taking an overdose of opioids, but refused to go to hospital.

Paramedics agreed with support staff from Adullam Housing Association that they would monitor Mr Kenyon with a recommendation made to check on him hourly.

However, an inquest carried out by Joanne Kearsley, senior coroner for Manchester North, found staff subsequently failed to check Mr Kenyon’s room for drugs, update a risk assessment or carry out the hourly checks.

Nor were Mr Kenyon’s family informed about his overdose.

The inquest heard that on July 18, one staff member went to Mr Kenyon’s room on three occasions and knocked on the door but received no response.

Despite this, staff did not use a master key to enter Mr Kenyon’s room until a few hours later where the father-of-one was found to be unresponsive.

A number of drugs were found in his system, including methadone and diazepam.

The inquest heard that staffing issues at the weekend and a number of other incidents had prevented the hourly checks taking place.

Ms Kearsley was hugely critical of the housing association, finding that their serious incident review process was “deficient and ineffective” and issuing a Regulation 28 Report To Prevent Future Deaths, which requires Adullam to detail any actions taken and explaining if no actions have been taken.

A response from Adullam is required by July 14, 2021 with Bury Council also informed as a third party.