A WOMAN stabbed her partner while he was cooking a meal, a court heard.

Alice Orr, 21, pleaded guilty to causing Charlie Stewart grievous bodily harm on May 5 this year.

Mark Brooks, prosecuting, told the sentencing hearing at Minshull Street Crown Court how the pair had a volatile relationship and that on the evening in question they had both been drinking.

Orr, of Massey Street, Bury, had had two bottles of wine and Mr Stewart had returned to his home, where she was staying, from work at around 7.40pm.

They had been texting each other during the day in an affectionate way.

Mr Brooks said: “Shortly before midnight Mr Stewart decided to cook a meal.

“He was facing the stove when he felt something in his body but did not feel any pain. He had turned around to find Orr lying on the floor with a kitchen knife next to her. “

Mr Stewart had endured single stab wound to the side of his abdomen.

He was taken to hospital and the wound, which was one-and-a-half inches deep, was stitched up. Orr was arrested.

Mr Brooks said Mr Stewart later said he could not remember whether she had stepped forward to stab him or if he had stepped back into her.

He recalled how they had both been drinking but there had been no fighting.

Mr Brooks said: “Mr Stewart describes her as honest and hardworking.”

Mark Shanks, defending, said that Orr admits to having a drinking problem and described her as vulnerable.

He added that she has a supportive family who can help her.

He said: “When she’s released from prison, she will have the full support from her family who are looking into an alcohol rehabilitation programme for her.”

He said she acknowledges the harm that she had caused.

Judge John Edwards said: “You were extremely drunk but I accept that this was a toxic relationship in which drink was a feature. If the stab wound had been one inch either way then he could have been on a mortuary slab. However, you clearly feel shame and guilt for what you did.”

Judge Edwards sentenced Orr to 15 months in prison.