A DRUG user sexually assaulted his friend after using her phone to buy crack cocaine, a court heard.

Michael O'Brien, 49, was furious when he could not purchase drugs and instead turned his attention to a female whose house he was in.

After exposing himself to her he forced her onto her back and she was only able to escape after she ran out into the street.

At Manchester Crown Court, Robert Smith, prosecuting, described how O'Brien, of Woodman Drive, Bury, was dropped off by a friend at the woman's address in Bury on April 17 2018.

She asked him to leave but when he refused she said he could use her phone to order drugs but insisted they must be delivered to his address.

When the dealer did not answer, O'Brien "lost the plot", drinking vodka and smashing a cup before pulling his tracksuit bottoms down and exposing himself.

He pushed his victim down onto to couch, lay on top of her and tried to rip her top open before she struggled free.

O'Brien then dragged her back into the living room but she was able to grab a dog chain which she wrapped around her hand.

He grabbed a knife and tried to kiss her neck but she hit O'Brien on the head and between the legs causing him to hit her repeatedly.

She was able to run out into the street and call the police who arrived and arrested O'Brien who later told officers he had drunk three bottles of wine before arriving at her home.

Mr Smith said the victim described how she now felt "isolated and on edge" that O'Brien would come to her address again.

He added that the defendant had over 40 previous convictions with offences including assault and assaulting a police office.

David Bruce, defending, said O'Brien, who pleaded to sexual assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm, was "a very drunken man" at the time of the offence.

"He has had very significant difficulties throughout his life," said Mr Bruce. "He was fairly isolated in the community for quite a long time and was diagnosed with having paranoid schizophrenia.

"His attitude has now improved and since this incident has been getting help with his drug and alcohol addictions."

Handing O'Brien a suspended prison sentence, Judge Timothy Smith, said: "I have concluded given the scope and the potential for rehabilitation in your case it is possible to suspend this sentence.

"I am giving you an opportunity and a chance."

Judge Smith imposed a 16 month prison sentence suspended for two years during which time O'Brien will have to undertake a 15 month drug rehabilitation requirement and a sex offender treatment programme.

He also imposed an indefinite restraining order preventing O'Brien from approaching his victim.