A PLANNING application has been submitted to erect a 20 metre high mobile phone mast in Whitefield.

The proposed site is located at Lune Drive with the application made on behalf of Three UK.

The application to Bury Council read: "The site selection process has also been influenced by the numerous vertical elements of street furniture distributed around the vicinity of the site including street lighting columns.

"The height of the pole has been kept down to the absolute minimum capable of providing the required essential new 5G coverage. The site has been selected on a wide adopted area of the highway in a position that will not impede pedestrian flow or the safety of passing motorists.

"The proposed location benefits from tall, mature trees and existing street furniture which

provide screening, preventing the proposed equipment from appearing incongruous within the

surrounding area.

"This site has been strategically situated on a wide stretch of pavement meaning that, after installation of the proposed equipment, the retained pavement width will facilitate the free-flow of pedestrians within this area, preventing any obstruction to the use of such amenity.

"As a result of the previously mentioned factors, there will be no infringement upon the character and use of amenity within the surrounding area."

Both St Michael’s RC Primary School and Ribble Drive Primary School are within close proximity to the proposed location.