WORK has started on a new temporary park and ride facility in Radcliffe as part of plans to increase the number of parking spaces at both the Radcliffe and Whitefield Metrolink stops.

The temporary facility, which will be situated close to Spring Lane School and have enough spaces for 250 cars, is due to be fully operational by mid-autumn.

Once complete, the temporary facility will remain open until all works to install an extra parking deck at both sites are finished.

The project will see the number of spaces at Radcliffe and Whitefield increased by 111 to 480 and 123 to 331 respectively.

To further help residents living nearby, Bury Council introduced a residents parking scheme in the area in November 2020.

Cllr Mark Aldred, chair of Greater Manchester Transport Committee, said: “By giving more people the opportunity to park and ride we can get more people onto tram services running across Greater Manchester - helping to reduce congestion on the highways, tackle poor air quality and incorporate public transport into people’s travel plans.”

It is planned that work will be complete at the Whitefield Park and Ride site by early 2022, and the expanded Radcliffe Park and Ride site will be open by summer 2022.

This latest expansion marks the second capacity increase at each site, with Radcliffe extended from 250 to 369 spaces, and Whitefield extended from 127 to 208 spaces in 2013/14.

Cllr Alan Quinn, cabinet member for the environment and climate change at Bury Council, said: “Radcliffe and Whitefield are popular well-used sites so it’s great news that both are now being expanded.

"This development will open-up extra opportunities for more people to opt for sustainable journeys and commutes which will help reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality and contribute towards our target to be carbon neutral by 2038."