FROM the Industrial Revolution to the tribulations of the 1970s, a new book gives a close look at how Bury has grown and changed over the last couple of centuries.

Historian and ex-nurse, Steven John Dickens has collected almost 200 illustrations from Bury’s vast history in which he covers the building and rebuilding of the town centre and expansion of housing areas.

The book is a series of photographs of Bury’s most important landmarks, both from when they were first build, mostly in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, featuring commentary and historical context from the author.

Steven said: “I think it is the diverse nature of the county’s history - its 19th century ‘cotton towns’, picturesque and rugged scenery, mill architecture, and the city surrounding suburbs of Manchester, all with their own very unique character.

“As an historian, I am aware that these are all great resources to tap into.

“The photographs of the ‘Through Time’ series also help to emphasize this diversity.”

“I had always considered writing a ‘Through Time’ for Bury, as I have relatives in the town.

“When you take into consideration Bury’s great Victorian architecture, history, and the diversity and character of its people, it was just a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if’.

On his research, he added: “I don’t think I’m giving away any ‘trade secrets’ by mentioning the great local studies resource in Bury.

“There are also excellent books already written about the town, which give great background.

“There are also some excellent books already written about the town, which give great background.

“But for me ‘getting out there’ is the key. This meant shopping in Bury town centre, with my wife Sarah, and sampling some of the local atmosphere of the town and its people."

Steven has written several Through Time volumes, chronicling the local history of towns across the UK and has contributed to a variety of journals and magazines on local history and genealogy.