A SCHOOL was recently recognised for excellence in the area of inclusion.

Elms Bank School in Whitefield has received a SEND Inclusion Award (SENDIA) award, presented to the school for championing inclusion of SEND (Special education needs and disabilities).

The school aims to celebrate each child as an individual and foster their true potential.

SENDIA scrutinised all aspects of school life, and discovered Elms Bank provides a learning environment where children feel valued, and dedicated staff work as a team with families of children.

Headteacher Mrs Langley-Sadler said: "We are delighted to have been presented with the SENDIA award.

"At Elms Bank we are exceptionally proud of all our children, staff and parents, as we believe we are the one community working towards the same goald: Excellence for All."

"Although it may seem strange for a special school to undertake this award as diversity is at the heart of what we do, but the award was taken on to celebrate our core values of diversity.

"Our students are unique members of society and we celebrate their diverse qualities and unique contribution to the community.

"We strive in our daily practice, to individualise support, so that every individual can achieve their potential.

"Schools very often focus on teaching and learning and to ensure that learning is differentiated for the individual.

"We wanted to celebrate that we do this, but look at a wider scope of policies and procedures to ensure that includion and diversity were within everything we do, not just what happens in the classroom."

Mrs Langley-Sadler added: "We are exceptionally proud of the school community, as this represents the dedication of every member of our School and College communities.

"It is true reflection of the day to day work that all staff undertake."