This week, the government confirmed that they plan to go ahead with a £20 a week cut to Universal Credit from September.

Universal Credit is an in-work benefit and this cut will impact millions of struggling families across the country - over 15,300 people here in Bury will take the hit.

The extra £20 is what enables many people to put food on the table at the end of the week.

We’re in the middle of a jobs crisis and we’re only just starting to come out of the pandemic. To cut support for thousands of the most vulnerable families in Bury by £1,000 a year will be catastrophic for many.

The Government is trying to make low income families pay as a result of their chronic mismanagement of the pandemic and the economic recovery. They simply don’t understand the realities of working people’s lives.

I urge Bury’s Conservative MPs for once to stand up to their government and oppose these plans with action in Parliament.

Cllr Kevin Peel, Labour, Moorside