KEEN ramblers in Holcombe have stressed they would never block a right of way as they apply to erect a small gate and fence.

Martin and Jan Parker have submitted a planning application to construct a small fence with a gate.

They say this will serve as a guide for walkers, leading them towards a footpath to continue their journey rather than leaving them stumped as to where the route continues.

And the Parkers say the fencing will be in keeping with the area and not of an imposing nature.

Jan said: “We are keen walkers ourselves and we are not blocking any access. The gate will show people who are walking in the area where they can continue their walk.

Public footpath signage has been put up in the area but as there is no obvious place to attach them they are often missed. If permission is given for the fence and gate, the way-markers will be clearly displayed, Jan added: “We often see walkers come down here and then look confused as to where they are to go.

“They have before now strayed into neighbouring gardens. Others just turn back because it is not clear where the walk continues. When I see people looking confused I come out to help and direct them.”

Jan said the fencing and gate would also help keep livestock safe, as recently a cow and calves made their way through the small estate, damaging a lawn.

And the keen ramblers say it would go against their principles to ever block off or obstruct a public right of way. They say they agree with conditions imposed on the area to preserve it for generations to come.

The location is a conservation area, which imposes strict regulations on any changes to the area, including the houses.

Jan added: "One of my neighbours explained it well, although he does own the property he described herself as being a custodian of it to preserve it for generations to come.

“We knew there was a footpath going through the grounds of our house when we bought it is and had absolutely no issue with that.

Several people had opposed the plans, fearing access to the footpath would be impeded.