RESIDENTS are being reminded to preserve their right to vote./

This week will see the annual canvas with emails from Civica Election Services sent to people who have previously provided elections with contact information.

All residents will receive a letter, and in the majority of case, households will not need to respond if all the information is complete accurate and complete.

If there are any changes to the electors, residents are urged to inform the council.

This is being done to make the canvass easier and simpler for people whose circumstances have not changed.

Geoff Little, electoral registration officer, said the system had been made easier this time around and was a major undertaking.

He added: "Please keep an eye out for the letter that will be delivered to every residential property in Bury or your emails if you have previously given us information, during the next few weeks and read it carefully.

“We carry out the annual canvas by law and it is an important part of making sure that as many people as possible have the right to vote.

“It is simpler this year for people whose circumstances have not changed.

“However, the register is often not up to date for people who have lived in a property for less than a year.

“If your circumstances have changed or if the information on the register is not accurate you may be denying yourself or other people living in your household the opportunity to vote.

“Please check the information carefully and follow the guidance.”

Letters are being sent to around 85,000 properties in Bury, where around 146,000 votes are currently registered.

If you have not registered to vote you can do so by visiting or contact the Elections Team.

For further information about the electoral register and how to vote, please visit the Electoral Commission at