A BURY student has been honoured for a major broadcast journalism award by her university.

Harriet Heywood, originally from Freckleton Drive on Seddons Farm was crowned Journalist of the Year by judges for the annual Journalism Awards at the University of Salford, which aims to highlight excellence in its young media students.

She joined the university after Bury College and discovering a passion for telling stories through a visual medium and engaging with as many people as possible.

Previously, Harriet had been involved with theatre and the dramatic arts, but decided to pursue a career in broadcast journalism.

Harriet won the award for a TV news piece entitled 'Tik Tok changing the music industry', which focuses on how TikTok is cutting out the middle man of music distribution companies, with artists sending their material straight to their fans through the social media platform.

To research the piece, Harriet interviewed various viral TikTok influencers, including Tommy Buckley also known as 'Four Nights', Aimee-Leigh Halliday, a Sheffield University student creating her own music, and band manager for Deco, Juke Joynes, as well as various figures and statistics.

Harriet also created her own music video on TikTok as an experiment.

She said: “I love going out there and getting the cameras rolling, talking to people, getting out and about, and discovering what’s out there, telling stories with words and getting creative.

“I definitely see myself going into broadcast journalism, I love being in front of the cameras.

“It’s my passion and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.”

Rebecca, Harriet’s mum, added: “I am way over the moon, when Harriet told me she would go into broadcast journalism, I didn’t doubt her for a second.

“When she puts her mind to something, she gives it 100 per cent.

“I remember at all the parent’s evenings I used to go to, her teachers were always telling me that she gives her subjects her all and is a very dedicated person.

“One day, she will be very successful, I’m sure of it.