A RADCLIFFE man has appeared in court after brandishing a Taser in the street.

Anthony Murray, 20, of Seddon Avenue, told police officers he had bought the banned weapon on the internet for £15 and only had it with him to “show his friends”.

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Eleanor Myles, prosecuting, said on November 26, Murray had been drinking alcohol when he left his home, where he lives with his parents, taking with him a rucksack containing a “torch-like object” which was in fact a Taser.

Murray was next seen walking down Dumers Lane with friends and could be heard shouting which drew the attention of a nearby resident who challenged his behaviour, stating he had children in the house

Murray began a bus stop and said: “I’ve got something for you all” before getting out the Taser and activating it while shouting: “which one of you wants to start with me” and “I’ll take on all of you”.

The resident’s girlfriend called the police who arrested Murray, the court heard.

Ms Myles said: “The defendant described the item as a ‘torch’ with an on/off switch which caused it to make a noise and flash.

“He said he had never used it on anyone and he was going to sell it after his mother found it in one of his pockets and said he couldn’t have it in the house.

“He said he purchased it from a website for £15.

“The defendant said he had once pressed the button and it gave him an electric shock and he only had it with him to show his friends.”

Ms Myles said Murray, who pleaded guilty to possession of a Taser, had no previous convictions but had been cautioned in July last year for being drunk and disorderly.

Michael Lea, defending, said Murray was “significantly unwell” but details were not given in court.

“His father is supportive of a curfew and certainly if he breaches that his father has explained in no uncertain terms the consequences,” added Mr Lea.

Passing sentence, Judge John Potter, said: “You have brought shame on your family and you should be ashamed of yourself as a result - you’re lucky to have them standing by you.”

He gave Murray an eight month suspended prison term with a three month curfew and 10 days of rehabilitation activities.