A CHURCHGOER from Radcliffe has cycled non-stop on an elliptical cross trainer for 10 hours to raise essential funds for St Mary’s parish.

Lorraine Agg says she came out of an abusive relationship and was unemployed last year before friends recommend she attend church and find faith.

St Mary’s in Radcliffe has often been prone to flooding, particularly in the cellars so Lorraine had an idea for a fundraiser.

Lorraine said: “The church has given me a second life, and I feel like I am born again, and I mean to go on being a member and helping in any way I can.

“It has given me a sense of redemption, and I would like to show them just how grateful I am for everything they have done.

“St Mary’s has guided me down a lighter path. The very first sermon I attended was on forgiveness and I brought my tears and I’m now in a place where I can have complete forgiveness for the people that hurt and move on.

“It is a really great community, a very close-knit group of close friends that have become like family and we always leave sermons with a smile on our faces.”

Before the cross training event, Lorraine admitted she was nervous but had done a 'dummy run' in preparation. Her initial target for the fundraiser was just £500, but she has reached £935. She has a Just Giving page online for St Mary's

Her employers ShadeStation, where Lorraine works as a customer services rep, sponsored her, and The Little Card Shop, run by her mum, supplied balloons.