ONE of the borough’s long-term vacant homes has been empty for around seven years.

And 16 properties alone have been lying idle for nearly 12,000 days between them.

Paul Beardmore, the borough’s interim place director, has now secured authorisation to remove the homes from the housing revenue account while a decison is taken to refurbish or demolish them.

Two rows in particular account for the bulk of the empty properties - The Elms in Whitefield and Eton Hill Road in Radcliffe. But there are also pressing issues with a house in Bronte Avenue, Redvales.

“The property at Bronte Ave has not been let due to structural movement, said Mr Beardmore, in a report ratified by chief executive Geoff Little.

Several have structural issues or are in a poor condition.

Mr Beardmore added: “Eton Hill ground floor flats are very small units and have damp issues. It should be noted there are occupied maisonettes on the upper floors. The Elms is a large building subdivided into flats which is in a poor condition and requires substantial investment.”