A bid has been submitted to save the embattled Gigg Lane and Bury Football Club, a group of Bury fans.

The bid was put forward by Est 1885, a group made up of Bury FC supporter, in conjunction with the fans’ trust organisation, Forever Bury, and an anonymous benefactor.

Bury North MP, James Daly, Bury South MP, Christian Wakeford and Bury Council have voiced support for the bid.

The group put out a statement: "We can confirm that with the help of a benefactor, Forever Bury and other local business people, Est 1885 have tabled a bid to purchase Gigg Lane and Bury Football Club.

Other groups have put forward bids but no details have yet emerged.

"At the time of writing this statement we are hopeful that our bid will be successful and that Bury Football Club can return for the 2022/23 season, but we are aware of other bidders who are interested in the site.

"We ask all Bury fans to get behind this bid, which is fully supported by our two local MPs, as well as Bury Council, so that we can all take our seats once more watching the Mighty Shakers play at Gigg Lane.

"We hope to provide further news and information when it is possible, but at the moment we ask for patience whilst we continue to work towards achieving the goal of saving Gigg Lane and Bury Football Club."

A spokesman for Est 1885, Harry Pickup, said: "We are ordinary Bury fans doing our utmost, working our socks off to save the ground and the club.

"We hope our bid is successful, and the next week is a crucial time, but we want other Bury fans to know that this could be the joyous and happy end of the painful story.

"We are optimistic that the bid will go through and that we can make Gigg Lane into a community hub again."

Following owner Steve Dale's failure to prove the club's financial viability, Bury FC were expelled from the Football League, causing heartbreak for fans and uncertainty for the club's future.

The stadium, Gigg Lane, could be used as a community asset, which Bury Council are very supportive of.

Mr Daly said: "I am doing my best to help the people that are fighting so hard to save their stadium, who are all passionate Bury supporters.

"They have a long way to go but we can make it happen, but they have shown over the last 18 months that Gigg Lane is part of heart and soul of this town.

"People of different backgrounds were united in this great stadium and it would be such a great achievement and mean so much for the people of Bury if they were able to bring it back.

"I hope everyone in Bury can contribute because this would be the rebirth of something great."

The deadline for new bids has now passed.