A PUBLICAN who lost his mother and sister to cancer has walked 34 miles to raise money for the hospice that took care of them.

James Steele, 31, who works at The Woodthorpe in Prestwich walked from his pub to The Richmond in Southport for the Overgate Hospice in Elland.

The hospice cared for his sister, Lucy Edkins, 37, who died in April and his mother, June Edkins, 57, who died 13 years ago, both from breast cancer.

James undertook the journey with fellow Woodthorpe staff, Regan Widdas, Mike Eaton, and Joshua Hindley, assistant manager.

James said: "I wanted to do this walk as a thank you to the hospice for caring for my mum and my sister.

"They died in the same room 13 years apart, which we never imagined would happen.

"They were both so young, but at least through doing the walk I can give something back.

"Since hospices provide such an important service, not just to the patients but to their families.

"They need all the support they can get."

James added: "Joseph Holt is quite a charity-oriented company so they were quite supportive and so were the staff at The Woodthorpe, who messaged me throughout telling me to keep going.

"In the end I was really pleased that I'd done it and that I'd managed it, especially after those last two hours really dragged on, so my favourite part was the end.

"Again, I'd like to thank the hospital for everything they do, because they didn't just care for my mum and sister, but my uncle as well so I'm incredibly grateful.

"I hope they keep doing what they're doing, they're so nice and police, and don't just look out for the patients, but their families.

"I'm not much of a fitness guy, so I did a practice 10-mile walk in my new shoes, so I was confident but nervous.

The route took them to 10 Joseph Holt pubs, as James is also raising money for Lucie's Pantry, a social supermarket providing food and household items to Salford households.

So far the sponsored walk has raised £1,482.