Vandals have once again damaged the site of a non-profit outdoor education provider, destroying bird boxes and ripping up plants.

The Sunnywood Project’s woodland community space in Tottington was torn apart, with objects and plants thrown down a hill, a wooden archway smashed, bird feeders broken, a trellis fence flattened and a chalkboard broken.

The space was built by children involved with the project as a place for the community to enjoy nature.

These children were set to receive their John Muir Award for their efforts.

Sadly, the site had previously been vandalised a few weeks previously but had been rebuilt by young volunteers.

Sammy Young, one of the project's founders, said: “I was quite disheartened to see what had been done, to see something we had spent a long time building purposefully destroyed in just a couple of hours was very sad to see.

“But we are very confident we can bounce back from this and keep on passing on our passion for the outdoors to young people.

“It would be easy for us to feel angry at whoever did this, but we are not bitter at all, and would ask them to come forward.

“To whoever did this, we would welcome them with open arms so that they can get on board, get involved and help make a difference.

“If more young people felt that they could come forward and be part of projects like ours, then perhaps this sort of thing would happen less often.”

“We were so pleased to see someone had actually made an effort to rebuild the site again which was very lovely. We have also received many messages of support from the parents of some of the children we help which are very kind and reaffirming that our ethos is well-received in the community.

The project is a non-profit arts and outdoor education provider that aims to pass on a love of the outdoors through hikes and other activities, promoting mental and physical wellbeing.

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