A Radcliffe-based software and game design company has produced an educational map that has over one million downloads.

Ziax Ltd has created content on the popular online game, Minecraft, to offer players unique experiences and the chance to learn through gaming on mobile apps, tablets or consoles.

Entitled Minecraft Bedrock, the project was created to teach children the importance of the environment and help them through gaming.

A spokesman said: “We created a free and informative piece of content. We believe it’s important to offer an alternative way of learning, to give people more opportunities of staying engaged with a subject they are passionate about!

“Plants are vital to our existence and we want the Minecraft audience to experience this in our interactive map. We want everyone to have the chance to learn for free.

“In the map, the player can complete challenges, quizzes and other engaging activities to learn interesting facts about the plant and how to maintain it."

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The spokesman added: "We created a world where the player didn’t feel like they’re learning but they really are.

“A gardener guide takes you through the map and teaches you about the different aspects of the plants.

“The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive, with over 1m people downloading it in the first week.”

Ziax Ltd is located in Radcliffe and was founded in 2012 and works to efficiently create combined virtual and live experiences, and is a fully function video game producer and studio, and events company.

The company started off as Digital Tree Media and have officially rebranded as Ziax and are currently hoping to expand their game production studios in partnership with a variety of other companies to provide unique educational experiences through gaming.