MEMBERS of a golf club were honoured to receive two prestigious awards, presented by Bury South MP Christian Wakeford.

Following the pandemic, which saw a range of restrictions, Prestwich Golf Club was awarded the SafeGolf accreditation by England Golf.

The club also received the ‘Women in Golf’ Charter for its efforts to include more women in the sport and promote golf to young girls.

The two awards were presented at the club by Mr Wakeford who has supported the club’s recent £1m redevelopment and campaign to recruit more children and people from underrepresented groups.

Golf club director Rod Barber said: “I’m so happy to receive this two awards. After the last two years we’ve worked very hard to try and get more women into golf. I think people in general from underrepresented groups are quite skeptical of efforts to be more inclusive.

“But I think we’ve done a good job, and I have been amazed by the number of people ho have suddenly taken up golf after lockdown - particularly women. We have long been known as the friendliest golf club in the North West. Throughout this whole process, Mr Wakeford has been very helpful and supportive, and often pops round to discuss things with us so we’re grateful.”

Mr Wakeford added: “The work the club have put into gaining both the ‘SafeGolf’ accreditation and in signing the ‘Women in Golf Charter’ has shown the commitment that the club has to making the sport open and inclusive to all."