A BURY man struck his former partner with a knife and told her if he could not have her he would cut her face so nobody else would want her.

Minshull Street Crown Court heard Mariusz Kuchirske was in a relationship with the woman in question since 2018 but frequently displayed paranoia and aggression.

He smashed around 20 of her phones in fits of rage during this time, the court was told.

Kuchirske, 33, of Richard Burch Street, was twice previously convicted of battery against the woman but struck again last February. He turned up at her home uninvited and after being told to leave returned later and refused to go.

When the woman got her phone he threw it out of the window and left with her wallet. As she followed him to try and get it back he laughed in her face. The woman then returned to the apartment.

Prosecutor Paul Hodgkinson said: "Unfortunately that wasn’t the end of it. About 10 to 15 minutes later the defendant returned. He came into the kitchen and picked up a large kitchen knife. He made threats, saying if he couldn’t be with her he would cut her face so nobody else would want to be.”

Mr Hodgkinson said Kuchirske then moved towards her with a knife, forcing her to grab a strap from a bag, which had a metal ending and wave it towards him to defend herself. He then realised how frightened she was and he began crying and said he wanted to reconcile their relationship.

Mr Hodgkinson added: “This was short-lived. He held out the knife as if to give it to the complainant, as she approached to retrieve the knife as she got closer his mood changed, he started screaming and a struggle between complainant and defendant began during which the complainant suffered a stab wound to her right hand.”

The woman fled and called neighbours for help.

Representing Kuchirske, defence counsel Michael Lea said there was little he could offer by way of mitigation.

Mr Lea accepted the result would be a prison sentence as there was “emotional” and “mental health” distress.

Judge Angela Nield said: “Any struggle involving a knife leaves the question of consequences a matter of chance.”

The judge jailed him for 26 months and imposed a restraining order relating to the woman.