AN author and naval historian has been shortlisted for a prestigious national literature prize.

Steve Dunn, author of The Power and the Glory, is in the running for the Mountbatten Maritime Award.

The Power and the Glory, Steve’s ninth book, celebrates Royal Fleet Reviews, from 1346 too 2005.

It will examine how, over the centuries, different British monarchs viewed their fleet reviews as a chance to intimidate foes, win over new allies, or show off technological superiority.

Steve, from Bury, who specialises in First World War Naval history, said: “I feel this is a particularly significant book since it is the first time the full story behind the 54 reviews has been told.

“During recent decades the Royal Navy has gone through a long period of almost terminal decline which is reflected in the that there have been no reviews since 2005.”

The Mountbatten prize is part of the Martime Media Awards, launched in 1995 by the Maritime Foundation to honour writers and filmmakers whose work explores Britain’s dependence on the sea.

Steve, born and raised near Whitefield, attended Bury Grammar School and after working in commerce he decided to retire early and become a full-time naval historian.

He added: “This new book fuses together two of my main interests, the monarchy and the Navy which are also two very English interests. People don’t know much about the Navy and I’m trying to illuminate all the interesting little nooks and crannies of naval history.

“The key thing I want to accomplish is to demonstrate how vital the Royal Navy was to Britain in the 18th and 19th centuries in protecting the empire and projecting our power throughout the world.

“It is important for people to remember the sacrifices of the men and women that were made that led to us enjoying the freedoms we have today."

Steve’s 10th book, British Trawlers and Drifters in Two World Wars, comes out next month.

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