A NEW retail store is about to open in Bury – and its owners are setting their sights on saving the planet.

Flora No Fauna, in Bolton Street, will be open to the public early next month.

The shop is a sustainable refill retail centre, where customers can come with their own containers and fill them to the exact quantities they need, instead of buying too much and letting excess go to waste.

Jen Heaton and her business partner are behind the store, and have explained that they want to create a more ethical store that uses sustainable materials and reduces waste.

Food on sale will be predominantly plant-based and household items such as Christmas decorations will made from bio-degradable materials.

Jen said: “We’re trying to be more ethical and responsible in our behaviour and encourage the same in others.

“We’ve always wanted to start a business, and we figured that in the wake of Covid-19 and the climate situation, this is the best time.

“We’re ecstatic that we are now in a position to open. There are no guarantees that it will go well, but we’re feeling optimistic and at the same time we know that we will have to be flexible.

“We’ve had some a great responses from a lot of people and there are local businesses that seem really set on the idea.”

Eventually, Jen and Sarah plan to expand workshops offering classes in biodegradable arts and crafts and sustainable cooking.

She added: “We’re still on the emotional rollercoaster and we’ve always been quite excited about the initial idea and we’re so glad that other local businesses want to support us.

“We want this shop to be affordable to lower income families and we have a range of ideas to make it more inclusive.

“We tend to use plastic for everything these days and it has been part of our ways and we feel we now need to dial that back a bit.”