A FAMILY on Moss Shaw Estate, Radcliffe is preparing to give trick-or-treaters some spooky surprises as part of their annual scarefest.

Every year, the Mortenson family have been putting on increasingly elaborate displays outside their homes, involving costumes and decorations, intended to scare and delight neighbours in equal measure.

This year, the family are putting a little twist on the tradition, by including a gazebo and putting a twisted circus spin on things, and have told people to expect some never-seen-before surprises.

Every member of the family pitches in, with mum, Donna, serving as the ‘creative director’, dad Chris, serving as the DIY handyman who puts together the displays and builds the sets by putting together a variety of decorations.

Donna and Chris’s two daughters, Cllr Beth Mortenson for Radcliffe West and Ellie Mortenson, are responsible for dressing up in costume, and greeting trick-or-treaters as they arrive.

Cllr Mortenson said: “We love putting this on every year because everyone in our family is just a bit extra, and we like to give people something to look forward to.

“We’re our own worst critics but people always give us such good feedback and we want to make kids laugh as well as give them a good fright.

“We cater it to the audience, make sure that it’s age appropriate - especially if there are any children that get really frightened, but it’s always such good fun to get into character.”

Cllr Mortenson explained that the inspiration for the annual show came from a time when they first moved in on the estate near Halloween and were scared by a neighbour who burst from the bushes to prank them.

She added: “This has been a big family thing for six years now.”

and it has grown from me sitting outside our home, scaring people while dressed as Pennywise to what it is now.

“It’s something we really enjoy, because it’s so much fun for the community as well as us and I love that I get messages every year from people, telling me they are excited to come and can’t wait to see what’s in store.

“My mum, Donna, is the creative genius behind it all, she gives us all the direction we need and helps it all come together.”

Donna said: “This has gotten bigger and better every year as more and more people come which urges us on to do it again.

“We’re hoping to get a good crowd for this because it brings us together as a family.

“We love making people happy and giving people a good time.”

This year, Cllr Mortenson is raising money for Bury Hospice by taking part in its annual Strictly Best Foot Forward and will have donation buckets at the house for anyone wishing to donate.

Visit Beth’s justgiving page at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/bethanie-mortenson?utm_source=sms.