A BUSINESS rates specialist which works with clients across Bury and Greater Manchester has racked up a milestone of £100m worth of rates saved for its clients.

Re-Rates UK is based on Market Street, Farnworth, and which works with firms in its home town and across the UK, claiming to help clients make savings and realise when they are being overcharged.

Director Jack Abady said this service became particularly valuable during the Covid-19 crisis, which put a huge amount of pressure on businesses across all kinds of different sectors.

He said: “We have helped many businesses throughout the UK including Bury.

“Many businesses are being overcharged on their business rates but are unaware.

“Throughout the pandemic, many businesses have been struggling to keep their business afloat.

“This is either due to them being unable to afford their business rates or being declined the support grants available. Many of our clients were originally denied the support grants but we then appealed this which then resulted in our clients receiving the support grant.”

The company was founded in 1999 and, after more than 20 years in business, the £100m figure represents a significant milestone.

This is also significant for the company’s clients, many of which are said to have saved a significant amount of money thanks to working with Re-Rates.

Business rates, or non-domestic rates are a tax on business or other organisations occupying commercial property.

Business rates is an annual charge made payable for the services provided by the local authority and emergency services.

How much a business pays annually depends entirely on the rateable value of the property, periodically assessed by the Valuation Office Agency.

They are calculated against the rateable value, which represents the rental value of a property, at around 43 to 45 per cent of the rateable value and as such are one of the largest overheads any organisation will have to pay.