This week’s draw was an exciting one, as we were able to surprise the winner of the Made in Bury Weekly £2,000 Draw in person.

Our lucky winner was Nicola Rollo, who works at Clough & Willis Solicitors in Bury.

Nicola joined the draw after attending a Made in Bury Brunch Club in May 2019 to replace another colleague. She’s so glad she did. She has been lucky enough to win a sponsor prize from the ‘Winning Weeks of Christmas Campaign’ back in Christmas 2020, and now she has won the big £2,000.

Leanne was able to get the Lois the receptionist at Clough and Willis to go undercover in getting Nicola to unsuspectingly claim her prize. Once Nicola realised why Leanne was there, she gasped with shock. It's always great to see the excitement of our winner firsthand.

Nicola has worked at Clough and Willis for more than three years now and enjoys being a part of the Bury community.

Nicola is jetting off to France next year for a big family holiday, and it will be her first holiday since before Covid so she will be putting her winnings towards that! We really hope she enjoys spending all that money.

It’s been a month now of the ‘Winning Weeks of Christmas’ Campaign. The draw was proudly sponsored by Balloons by Design based in Ramsbottom. Louise Isherwood offered a balloon arrangement for an event in the next 12 months up to the value of £200.

The winner was Salmah Hashemi, who teaches science at Woodhey High.