A TEENAGER died after a long struggle with mental health difficulties, an inquest has been told.

An inquiry into the death of 19-year-old Callie Smith, who was found dead near the Kirklees Trail in Tottington in June 2020 has begun at Rochdale Coroner’s Court.

The court heard Callie had previously made an attempt on her own life in March 2019 and spent a period of time on the Irwell Unit at Fairfield General Hospital.

She was then given a space at the Castlecroft hostel in Bury but in early 2020 moved in with a friend, Felicity Garside.

Bury teenager died after struggle with mental illness

Emma Garside, the mother of Felicity, asked what Callie was like, said: "A lovely girl, very lost, she had a really good heart, she just did not know where to go in life.

“All in all she was a good kid, she did not have a bad bone in her body.”

She said she became aware of her daughter and Callie drinking and taking drugs and described a troubling incident in May 2020.

She said she was staying at her partner’s house and “woke up to 15 missed called from my neighbour. They had my dog.

“I made my way to my house, my front door was open.”

She said a table and lamp had been damaged and the two girls were both in her bed.

She added: “I found out they had taken ecstasy.”

The woman said Callie's’s face had been under a bedcover when she first walked in, but later in the day it emerged it was covered in bruises and it appeared she had fallen onto the lamp.

She said after this she told Callie she had to move out.

Callie went to live with her aunt in Bacup but left after 10 days.

Ms Garside said on one night in June she stayed up late watching TV and Felicity said she was going for a walk with a different friend.

She did not return home and at 11.25pm she rang her daughter and she returned home within five minutes, the inquest heard.

She said it later emerged Callie was there and Felicity was trying to sneak her into the house.

The woman said she would have let her stay if she had known she was there and added: “Hindsight is a wonderful thing.”

The following day she was contacted and told Cali had died, the court was told.

She said her daughter told her Callie used her phone to access social media platforms and had got some “really horrible message off a girl.”

The woman said her daughter “wasn’t shocked” when she found out her friend had died.

The inquest, before coroner Joanne Kearsley, continues.