A TEENAGER who was found dead in a popular beauty spot was of no fixed abode at the time of her death, an inquest heard.

The body of Callie Smith, of Bury, was found near the Kirklees Trail in June last year.

An inquest into the 19-year-old's death heard she had been taken into Fairfield Hospital after an attempt to end her own life the year before she died.

She was taken to the hospital's Irwell Unit of Fairfield Hospital in March 2019 but was discharged when professionals did not have a clear idea where she would be living and returned to A&E the day she was released.

The court heard from Doctor Adeola Akinola, an adult psychologist at Fairfield Hospital, who treated Callie after she was admitted.

He said she had been diagnosed with emotionally unstable personality disorder and was on his ward before being released later in the month.

The doctor confirmed she had made use of a pass to leave the premises and came back intoxicated.

Coroner Joanne Kearsley asked him what the policy was when people do this.

He said: “We look at the effects of drinking after 24 hours, if it worsens the mental state.”

The coroner then asked: “’She was saying she did not want to be here, when asked what here was she responded by saying ‘alive.’”

The doctor confirmed this had happened and said: “It is not uncommon, when people are intoxicated they say things they would not otherwise have done if sober.”

The coroner asked if after her discharge Callie returned to A&E and Doctor Akinola confirmed this had taken place, but said he had not been informed as she had left before seeing the mental health team.

The inquest heard she was meant to go to a homeless unit at Bury Council after staying with her sister for one night, but did not turn up at this.

Samantha Doherty, the general manager of Bury Home Treatment, which offers an alternative to treatment in a hospital, said Callie was allocated a seven day follow up as opposed to a four week one.

Callie did not attend an appointment due four days after she had left hospital.

Ms Doherty said: “If we had an address we would have cold called.”

She also said there was no response on the mobile number which had been given for her.

The court also heard Callie stayed at Castlecroft Accommodation and later with a friend and also with her aunt after leaving hospital, but was of no fixed abode at the time of her death.

The inquest continues.