RESIDENTS in Unsworth are unhappy at the closure of two post offices.

Following the decision by the Post Office to close two of its offices on Unsworth Pole and Rufford Drive in Unsworth, residents wrote to local councillors, Nathan Boroda, Joan Grimshaw, and Tahir Rafiq.

Borough council chief executive Geoff Little has now wrote to the Post Office Public Affairs Team, imploring the re-opening of the sites.

Cllr Boroda said: “The closures of the post offices at Unsworth Pole and Rufford Drive have hit the community hard. Post offices are crucial to the community - and expecting people to travel to Radcliffe or Prestwich is unreasonable, especially for those without a car.

“In my view, Post Office has really let the people of Unsworth down. I am pleased the leader of the council and chief executive have supported our calls to end this chaos and re-open our post offices.”

Cllr Grimshaw added: “I have had phone calls from elderly residents who now have to travel all the way to Prestwich or Radcliffe, but they can’t get there. It’s become very difficult, and they have to get someone to go to the post office for them."

A Post Office spokesman said: “We regret to inform customers that due to unforeseen circumstances Unsworth Post Office and Rufford Drive Post Office have had to close. We appreciate how frustrating this is for customers who rely on our services.

“We advise customers to use Radcliffe Post Office which is Monday to Saturday and has two counters. Or customers can use Stand Lane Post Office which is open seven days a week.”