Two friends from Bury are set to open a new store in Bury town centre with a twist, perfect for eco warriors this week.

Flora No Fauna will be opening its doors on Bolton Street on Friday to customers looking to do their bit to look after the planet this Christmas and beyond.

The opening event will feature stalls, run by three local businesses who will be selling their sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly products, a raffle, and free samples of Flora No Fauna's ecologically-sound products.

Jen Heaton and her business partner, have been working on the space for months, renovating an old hairdressers into a welcoming place for people to drop off their recyclable products.

The store will be a sustainable refill centre, for customers to come with their own containers and fill them to the precise quantities they want, instead of buying more than they need and throwing away the excess.

The food will be mostly plant-based and the store will be lined with bio-degradable Christmas decorations.

Jen said: "I'd say I'm really excited, because since having something of a soft opening we've had a lot of really positive feedback, which has been really encouraging.

"We wanted to put something out there that's accessible for the whole community, because a lot of people have to travel really far to find a shop like this.

"I'd like to invite as many people as possible to come over for a chat and see what we're all about and if there's anything people need that they want to tell us, we're happy to help.

"It's not just about shopping, it's about creating a community and we want to be more than just a shop."

Jen's business partner Sarah added: "We are so excited to have the official grand opening of our store.

"We want Flora no Fauna to be accessible for everybody in the local area, and a sense of community is important to us.

"We are hoping to provide a store where people can shop for groceries knowing that the products are sustainable, organic, vegetarian/vegan and zero waste."

For more information on Flora No Fauna visit