Ten more people have been dealt heavy £400 fines for fly-tipping and littering offences in Bury.

34 people have been issued the fines, under new powers adopted by Bury Council in July to issue fixed penalty notices instead of undergoing the long and expensive process of prosecuting offenders.

The penalties issued for November included six for littering and four for fly-tipping in Radcliffe and Bury town centre.

Cllr Alan Quinn, Cabinet Member for the Environment, Climate Change and Operations, said: "“Fly-tipping is a criminal offence; it’s disgusting, there’s no excuse for it, and we’re fed up with it.

“On top of that, it takes resources away from other council services which local taxpayers want their money spending on - last year we spent approximately £70,000 on clearing up fly-tipping.

“The extra enforcement officers we have taken on are doing a tremendous job in tackling those responsible for this waste, with the help of many community-minded individuals across the borough who are also doing great work in keeping our environment clean.”

He added: “Remember: if fly-tipped waste can be traced back to its owner, the owner can be fined even if they had acted in good faith and were not aware the waste was going to be fly-tipped.

"Residents should ask any waste carrier for their address and telephone number, their waste carrier licence, and ask where their waste will be taken to.”

Residents are being reminded by the council that there are 21 recycling centres in Greater Manchester.

For more information on these visit https://www.bury.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=10838.