STAFF at an animal crematorium in Bury have put up a special Christmas tree as a touching tribute to deceased pets.

Legacy Pets Crematorium’s new tree features photographs of 320 pets the company has cremated over the years.

Every decoration on the tree was meticulously hand crafted by marketing manager, Jodie Reeve, who spent hours printing, laminating, cutting our and threading ribbon through each photo individually.

Jodie said: “This was just an idea we’ve wanted to carry out for quite a while, but couldn’t do it last year due to Covid-19.

“We wanted to make sure people know much we empathise with those who lost pets and we also want to give something back to our customers and our pets. I think this is important because people can really struggle with the loss of a pet and they are like children, like family.

“We all love pets here, and every one of us has one, so to see this tree is very meaningful to us.”

Karen Townshend, animal care and customer service team member, added: “I think it’s a beautiful legacy to all of the pets we have looked after during their final journey.

“All pets have a story and sometimes dealing with their loss can be so hard so this tree allows us to reflect on their loss.

“Having a memorial at Christmas is just a way to show our customers how much we care and how much every pet is remembered.”