A CAMPAIGN to install a new puffin crossing in Hollins has been successful.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) put forward the proposals for a crossing in Croft Lane, near Alnwick Drive, as part of their Safe Streets Save Lives (SSSL) coronavirus recovery fund.

The scheme was made available to TfGM through their Mayor’s Challenge Fund (MCF) which works to deliver better road infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians.

It is hoped this will encourage more people to cycle or walk to help make the city carbon neutral by 2038.

Cllr Nathan Boroda said: “I am delighted we have secured the funding to install a new puffin crossing on Croft Lane, subject to a consultation of Hollins residents.

This is something I stood on in my 2021 local election campaign and, supported by Cllrs (Joan) Grimshaw and (Tahir) Rafiq, I am pleased to have been able to deliver. A new crossing would be a big boost for road safety in Hollins.”

Unsworth councillors had raised the issue over the need for a crossing due to the narrow pavements and problems with speeding in the area.

This has caused concern for several residents with children who fear it may no longer be safe to let them play outside.

Cllr Grimshaw added: “This is something we have been trying to get done for years now and we’re delighted that it’s going ahead.

“Residents have being writing in for so long, so it’s about time something get done.

“Where we have decided to put the crossing is fantastic because there is so much speeding around Unsworth that it’s getting out of control.

“On behalf of the residents, I’d like to say we are very lucky that this proposal has gone ahead because money is so tight at the moment.”

Bury Council is currently carrying out a consultation regarding the crossing, which started on December 9 and will continue until January 5.

Cllr Boroda said if the consultation is successful, residents can expect the crossing to be completed by next March or April.