READERS of the Bury Times have weighed in and voted for a share of a possible £125,000 prize fund for a well-supported local cause.

Bury Cancer Support Centre, the charity chosen to represent Bury in this year’s Cash for Charities draw, has been awarded £1,498 in prize money, allocated by our charitable arm, The Gannett Foundation.

The centre is dedicated to supporting patients affected by a cancer diagnosis, their family and friends, with several volunteers giving emotional and social assistance. It relies entirely on fundraising and donations to meet its annual £200,000 costs.

As well as Bury Cancer Support Centre, seven other charities were shortlisted for a chance to win £20,000.

When told they were in the running for the prize money, Jan Katana, centre manager for the centre, said: “We’re completely delighted and we would love the chance to continue helping those who have been affected by cancer.

“Just to be nominated means a lot of recognition for us and we would be absolutely over the moon with whatever amount we receive.

“Funding is something we’ve really struggled with during the pandemic which has seen our costs rise enormously.

“So we would love to spend the money on some more bespoke treatments and vital support.”

Other North West charities nominated, which also received a share of the £20,000 for the region, were Friends of Sunnyhurst Wood in Darwen, the Joshua Tree in Cheshire, Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation and the Hope Centre in St Helens.

Last month, readers were invited to collect tokens from our newspapers, which could then be sent to collection points across the region, with a box ticket to denote their chosen charity.

Charities were then allocated different amounts of the prize money depending on how many ballots were cast in their favour.