A BURY councillor has condemned the Government for “delaying and dithering” in its approach to regulating e-scooters.

Cllr Kevin Peel, deputy environment cabinet member, has said more needs to be done to slow down the sale of e-scooters, which increased significantly over Christmas.

Several campaigners have called for e-scooter laws, like mandatory helmets,after nine have been killed in e-scooter accidents, many with “life-changing head injuries”.

The Government has delayed legislation, pending safety trials, meaning citizens can only legally ride one by renting Government-approved ones.

Cllr Peel said this week: “Many privately owned e-scooters in Bury and across Greater Manchester are causing a menace, with elderly residents complaining about the speed at which these devices are being driven, particularly on the pavement. The government is dithering and delaying on regulation and it could cost lives.

“Regulating e-scooters will give the police the tools needed to crack down on those causing a nuisance.

“Most safety issues at the moment are coming from private, illegal use and that’s clear right across Greater Manchester.

He added: “We need to deal with that and introduce regulation, so that people can use e-scooters safely for shorter journeys.

“In hilly towns like Bury, they represent a really great solution for journeys below three miles.

“Regulating them will allow speed limiters to be fitted and GPS technology can limit the areas where they can be used and by whom.

“It makes the whole e-scooter sector much more accountable and ultimately safer.”

Several local authorities around the country are taking part in the trials, including Salford and Rochdale, and the councillor has expressed concern about those using them illegally in Bury.