An Unsworth councillor has condemned the “disgusting” actions of litterers who dumped rubbish on a quiet lane.

Thirty-five bags of rubbish, including carrier bags, Christmas wrapping paper, boxes, plastic bottles and several bin bags were found on Pole Lane, Unsworth, on December 28.

Locals were outraged when they made the discovery of the rubbish, which had likely been left overnight. Members of the Bury Keep It Clean group tackled the mess.

Cllr Tahir Rafiq said: “It’s outrageous, we reported it immediately to the council officers and they are looking into this in more detail with a view to further investigation. Fly-tipping is a serious offence and it will be tackled

“As councillors, we have realised this is an issue that we will not hesitate to flag up, it is not honourable and we will continue to report it in future and encourage the council to prosecute them.

“I want to thank Bury Keep It Clean for the kind work that they have done, which is really appreciated, because they are the ones who cleared it up and they do an excellent job picking up rubbish like this in the area.”

Nathan Boroda, a fellow Unsworth councillor and deputy environment cabinet member, said: "It is an absolute disgrace that this fly tipping has been left on Pole Lane."

He confirmed the incident had been reported to the council's enforcement officers and he hope that strong action would be taken.

Cllr Boroda added: "“Brilliant volunteers from groups like Keep Bury Clean and Hollins Conservation Group work tirelessly to keep our area tidy, it is so dispiriting to see these acts of environmental vandalism.”

Cllr Joan Grimshaw said: “It’s terrible that someone with so little respect for the environment would do this. If you are caught out doing this, you will be fined, and the council will go through these bags to see if there is any evidence of address.

“If your address is discovered and you are found to be guilty of this, you will be fined severely. I don’t understand why people can’t just take their rubbish to the tip, there is no excuse for wilful littering like this."