An expanding school plans to build a new six-classroom block as increases in pupil numbers mean teachers are currently sharing classrooms.

The roll at Unsworth Academy on Parr Lane has increased since it opened in 2017, with leaders saying it has come ‘the school of choice’ in its catchment area of central Bury, Radcliffe and Salford due to its facilities and positive Ofsted results.

The school was built after the demolition of the former Castlebrook High on the same site.

Proposals unveiled this weekith Bury Council for a new school building with six classrooms state: "In response to the pressing need as a result of increasing pupil roll, capacity challenges within the existing main school building and new teacher recruitment there is a need for a new separate classroom building which can accommodate this increased demand and ensure that the quality of the educational experience provided remains at a high level."

Four extra teachers arrived last September and their classes are sharing space or being taught outside the main school.

Unsworth is an academy within the Shaw Education Trust, who manage 25 academies.

The school currently has 873 pupils out of a capacity of 935, with more than 1,000 students expected to attend by September 2023.

The school is currently ina three-storey L-shaped building with three new multi-use game areas and a car park. The new building will be a long, low single-storey block with six classrooms.

The scheme also includes new sporting facilities for shot put and long jump disciplines and extra social space.