CALLS have been made to install speed cameras on a main Bury road where councillors say there have been a number of fatalities.

Residents living in and around Walmersley Road have written to their local councillors demanding action and a petition has reached nearly 300 signatures.

It comes following the death of a 34-year-old man who was crossing the road.

Gavin Andrews, aged 34 died in November. At an inquest opening into his death, the coroner heard the self-employed labourer was hit by a car going at excessive speed. The vehicle did not stop at the scene.

The tragedy has prompted residents to renew calls to make the road safer.

Now councillors have written to the Minister for Roads and Greater Manchester Police calling for action to be taken to slow down traffic.

Cllr Kevin Peel said: “Tackling speeding on Walmersley Road is a top priority for residents and councillors and so we’ve asked the police to make it a top priority too.

“We want to see regular speed enforcement operations in the evenings on Walmersley Road, when residents have described it as a ‘lawless race-track.’

“But we can’t expect the police to be there all the time, which is why we’re also asking the government to reconsider guidance on the installation of speed cameras and provide dedicated funding for councils to cover the cost of these and other vital road safety measures. Lives are at stake and we urge ministers to act.”

Under current Department for Transport guidance, speed cameras can only be considered after three people have been killed or seriously injured on a one kilometre stretch of road within three years.

But recent incidents on the road have occurred over a larger distance than one kilometre, and councillors are urging the minister to change the guidance.

They have also asked for road safety funding to cover the cost of speed cameras and other safety and traffic calming measures.

Cllr Peel added: “Too many people have died on this stretch and enough is enough. If we don’t act now more casualties will follow. I think the petition has shown there is a clear sense of urgency in the community and we’re eager to get more people to sign."