Why should the ratepayers of Bury be expected to support football at Gigg Lane?

They have secured £1m from a levelling up fund (Community Fund) but this levelling up is only for the 5,000 or so supporters. It would have been better secured for facilities that would benefit all of the residents of Bury.

Had the people of Bury wanted a football club they would have supported it at the turnstiles.

How many times have the old football club gone to Bury Council for a hand out? I remember one of £55,000. They have tried to sell the project by promising a community centre and communal activities; these were also promised by developers when seeking funding for the Goshen Playing Fields development.

Bury Council are constantly telling us of cuts in services because of a lack of funding, closing centres or selling them off and selling land - all to make ends meet and they have the audacity to consider funding this project with an investment of £420,000.

This should be a football club with its own stand-alone business model not requiring funding from the ratepayers of Bury

Let the businesses that said on the TV reports that Bury needs a football club put their money where their mouth is and invest in the club.

An Independent Ratepayer of Bury

(name and address supplied)