WHITEFIELD Metrolink has reopened its car park today after four months of

work to create an extra 120 car parking spaces.

Tomorrow Radcliffe Metrolink Station will close off its car park for similar work to take place – with a new temporary parking area created nearby.

Parking spaces at Whitefield Metrolink Station have increased by 120 to  331 with the addition of a new parking deck.

 The layout of the car park has been changed to improve traffic flow, with new signage directing traffic. But the main entrance on Stanley Road will remain the same.

Car parking spaces have been increased from 208 to 331 for Metrolink users.

Construction work to expand the Radcliffe Metrolink Park & Ride site, will now take place– meaning the facility will close temporarily.

The site will close to users , other than blue badge holders, after the last tram departure on Tuesday 25 January and work to install a new car parking deck increasing capacity from 369 to 480 spaces is expected to be complete by summer 2022.

The drop-off zone will remain open at Radcliffe and blue badge spaces will still be available at this facility during the construction works.

Drivers will be redirected to the temporary site, providing 250 spaces, which has already been set up over the road and is accessible via Spring Lane.

Chris Barnes, Head of Projects Group at Transport for Greater Manchester, said: “We are pleased to have completed the work required to provide an extra 123 car parking spaces at the Whitefield Metrolink stop. This additional capacity will enable more people to access the Metrolink network and use public transport as part of their overall journey.

“We are also really pleased to be continuing with the ongoing Park & Ride expansion work which is taking place at the Radcliffe stop. The preparatory operations that we have undertaken so far have gone well and we are now looking forward to progressing the works in earnest, following the closure of the main facility.

“We would ask anyone wishing to park in the vicinity of the Radcliffe stop to head to the alternative site opposite the entrance to the existing Radcliffe Park & Ride facility for the duration of the construction works.“ For further information regarding the car park expansion works, please visit the TfGM website at: www.tfgm.com/mcip