A Radcliffe knotweed removal company has celebrated its deep roots in the community after 20 years in business.

Japanese Knotweed Solutions Limited CEO Mike Clough said: “Our company has grown from strength to strength.

“We have worked on thousands of sites and our teams have looked after clients ranging from the Environment Agency, Canals and Rivers Trust, house builders and housing associations, hospitals and care homes, motorways, railways and civil engineering companies as well as great number of private clients and homeowners. We are proud to have facilitated and improved hundreds of housing developments and other projects across the UK and to have enabled hundreds of stalled property sales to proceed by providing the peace of mind of an accredited professional and genuine insurance-backed guarantees.

“The team at JKSL has grown greatly over the years. Our expertise and understanding for this non-native plant is better than ever and we have in the past and continue to contribute to studies and publications by organisations including the Environment Agency, CABI, RICS, Property Care Association, Amenity Forum, BASIS and INNSA for the benefit of the industry and the environment.”