COUNCILLORS in Unsworth have again joined police on Operation Saturn, a crackdown on speeding and theft in the area.

Cllrs Nathan Boroda, Joan Grimshaw and Tahir Rafiq joined police on a night patrol, in which they also discussed new ways to combat crime and enhance public safety.

This comes after councillors have been contacted by residents about a number of burglaries in Unsworth, Hollins and Sunnybank.

Operation Saturn is a police initiative to tackle anti-social behaviour and crime in Bury.

Cllr Boroda said: "After many Sunnybank residents raised concerns about burglaries and anti-social behaviour, the additional police presence was welcome.

"In the last few months (Metro Mayor) Andy Burnham has done an excellent job in enhancing community policing locally.

"This must be supplemented by more investment in tackling the causes of crime."