A CARE home resident in Prestwich has celebrated her 104th birthday in style.

Margaret Broome, born on February 4 1918 in Northumberland toasted to her longevity at a birthday celebration at Heathlands Village with her husband Robin.

Robin showed a Margaret a touching video of her old friends at Worsley Library toasting her health and wishing her well.

Sadly, Margaret's daughter, Karen Garrido, a Conservative councillor for Worsley and former Mayor of Salford, was not able to attend.

Karen later said: "She’s never given up and she’s instilled that in me. She’d always say, ‘There’s no point in being in the back to get things changed.’

“Mum was in the choir, and she had solos too. She was a big contralto and would sing in the halls in Newcastle.

"She sang all her life, even in the choir at Heathlands for a while too."

During her long life, Margaret has survived two global pandemics, and witnessed changing attitudes to women in the workplace.

When the Second World War broke out, she was employed by Smith & Walters, which made paint for battleships, cannons, and military vehicles.

After she married Robin, she moved to Manchester and gave up work, but later joined the Women's Royal Voluntary Service.

Speaking of Margaret's relationship with Robin, Karen added: “They have had a great relationship. They were funny together and absolutely loved one another.

"I remember my father being sent to work in Africa for six months and when he came home, I was shipped off to my grandparents’ farm in Northumberland.

"I was perfectly happy about going off to see the ponies and other animals. It took me decades to twig that it was so that they could have some special time together.”

As well as her husband, Robin and daughter, Karen, Margaret also has two grandsons, Damian and Simon, who has two sons - Margaret's great-grandchildren, Miles and Toby.