Shakers fans have continued the clean up operation at Gigg Lane and are hopeful for the club’s future.

Over the past week, large numbers of volunteers have been going down to Gigg Lane to help with the clean up of the well-loved football club.

One fan who joined in with the efforts is Caitlin Carolan, eight, and her dad, Sean.

Sean has been a fan of Bury FC since he was seven.

He introduced Caitlin to the team when she was around four years old, and she has been supporting them ever since.

When they heard about the clean up efforts at Gigg Lane late last Saturday morning they decided to join in and lend a hand.

Sean said: “We found out about it at 9am, I asked Caitlin if she wanted to go and help, and she was really up for it, so we went and got some DIY supplies and went down.

“There must have been around 150 volunteers there that morning.”

Bury FC hopes to open its doors to Shakers fans later this year after the club was purchased by the Bury FC Supporters Society.

The anticipation of the re-opening is hopeful news for many and Sean said: “I can’t wait, I just want to get back to going to Bury games again.

“I was lost for words when Bury FC closed, I was in tears, that was part of my childhood, I was heartbroken.”

He added that he can’t wait to get back down to the first game when it is announced.

He’s also hoping to bring Caitlin down to future games as well. He said that she always enjoyed going. But she had only been to about four matches before the club shut down.

Sean said: “For me, Bury AFC isn’t the same for me.

“I went to two games, but I want the original Bury FC the way it was, at Gigg Lane playing football.”