Police will be visiting schools following a meeting held last night (14 March) to discuss ways to tackle anti-social behaviour after a fire was started at Morrisons in Whitefield last week.

More than 30 people turned up to the meeting with Bury South Police which saw a discussion about the ways officers and the public can work together to help solve the rise in anti-social behaviour which is becoming an issue in Whitefield.

A focus was put on identifying issues and prioritising them and problem solving them. Police also wanted to encourage reporting of incidents so they can react faster to anything that may be happening in the area.

Police emphasised they want to be proactive rather than reactive; officers want to be able to try and change the mindsets of offenders instead of just punishing them.

Police told the meeting "we will be conducting school visits to educate children on serious problems like knife crime so they can be aware of the consequences."

Officer added that educating children and building a rapport with schools is a priority, as is educating parents by organising community workshops and building these relationships up so they have a more active role in their children’s lives.

Youth services say are trying to help aid the problem but there is a severe lack of staff and volunteers to run these groups.

The meeting heard that Bury Youth Service only have four staff to cover the whole of Bury and one youth charity couldn’t find any volunteers at all.

It is hoped that more funding and volunteers for youth services will help to crack down on the anti-social behaviour problem.