BURY is set for a mini heatwave this week after temperatures soar to 17C.

The Met Office confirmed that Tuesday was England’s warmest day of the year with temperatures reaching 18C in some areas.

The spring sunshine will continue throughout this weekend, before cloudy weather returns on Monday.

Across the Northwest temperatures are expected to reach as high as 19C.



There is also good news for hay-fever sufferers as pollen counts are predicted to remain low.

Here’s an hour-by-hour forecast for Wednesday and Thursday.



12am Sunny, 17C

1pm Sunny intervals, 17C

2pm Sunny intervals, 17C

3pm Sunny, 17C

4pm Sunny, 17C

5pm Sunny, 16C

6pm Sunny, 15C



7am Sunny, 8C

8am Sunny, 9C

9am Sunny, 11C

10am Sunny, 12C

11am Sunny, 13C


12pm Sunny, 15C

1pm Sunny, 15C

2pm, Sunny intervals, 16C

3pm Sunny internals, 16C

4pm Sunny Intervals, 16C

5pm Sunny intervals, 15C

6pm Sunny intervals, 14C