AN American fast-food chain set up by a YouTuber has opened a new delivery base in Bury.

Borough customers can now order from MrBeast Burger, a delivery-only restaurant, through UberEats.

The address of the firm is listed on UberEats as Waterfold Business Park on Rochdale Road.

Earlier this week, the company announced the opening of 31 new locations across the UK, in addition its five existing restaurants, all located in London.

On Twitter, the firm said: “You asked, we answered, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to open more UK locations outside of London and it finally happened!

"Its time to nosh up a burger and chips at your closest #britishbeastburger location."

The menu includes burgers, sandwiches, sides and desserts as well as a selection of drinks.

Customers can enjoy beef burgers in three different styles as well as chicken tender sandwiches.

MrBeast Burger currently has over 1,000 locations across North America and Europe, with plans to expand the business ongoing.



MrBeast Burger franchises are operated out of so-called "ghost kitchens", which refers to a cooking facility set up for the preparation of delivery only meals.

This means that customers wishing to try its food must do so by ordering a meal to their home through a food delivery app.

MrBeast Burger was founded two years ago by YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, 23, better known by his YouTube moniker MrBeast.

Donaldson’s main channel has over 90 million subscribers and is credited with pioneering a genre of YouTube video that centre on expensive stunts, such as a recreation of every set from the South Korean Netflix Series, Squid Game.

In January 2022 Forbes Ranked MrBeast as YouTube’s highest earning creator, earning an estimated $54 million last year.