Bury Grammar School (BGS) is a leading UK school which prides itself on having the highest standards within a warm and nurturing environment.  

Pupils are aged 3 to 18 and may join BGS at several stages along their educational journey.

BGS are now able to offer further places to more pupils going into Year 7 this September.

The vast majority of pupils join the school at age 11, from up to a hundred different primary schools – many are the only pupil from their primary school.

An additional form of pupils in each Senior School by September 2022

The number of pupils in their Senior Schools has grown by 25% in the last five years and is set to grow again this September.

Owing to increased demand, both the Boys’ and Girls’ Senior Schools will move from four form entry to five form entry this September.

This means that there are currently a small number of places still available for Year 7 pupils this Autumn.

Bury Times:

Academic standards  

It is the norm for BGS Senior School pupils to progress into their Sixth Form at this A-grade school:  the average grade at GCSE is a 7 (grade A equivalent) and the average grade at A Level is also a grade A. 

Extra-curricular activities also play a significant role in pupils’ day-to-day experiences, character development and enjoyment of school life. There are well over 100 different clubs - it would take you 26 weeks to experience them all if you did a new one every day.

A unique blend of single sex teaching alongside mixed extra-curricular activities in a fabulous setting

This is a unique set-up. Pupils have a ‘home base’ in either the Boys’ or Girls’ Senior School and all their lessons are single sex. This leads to exceptional academic outcomes and an environment in which pupils are free to be themselves, take risks and enjoy bespoke pastoral care from an expert team.

BGS offers the best of both worlds: while Senior School pupils are taught single sex, all their extra-curricular activities are co-educational and they have access to the expert teachers, facilities and resources in both Senior Schools and in every area of their 45-acre campus. 

Bury Times:

A growing school means even more possibilities 

Quality of education remains Bury Grammar School’s priority at all times. A growing school allows them to invest further in provision.

It allows the school to keep class sizes small: the average class size at Key Stage 3 is currently 21; at GCSE it is 16; and at A Level it is 8.   

Next year, significant investment in Bury Grammar School will mean

  • Additional well-qualified and skilful teachers
  • An expanded extra-curricular and trips programme
  • New classrooms in the Senior School  
  • A relaunched House System 
  • Continued investment in pastoral care and academic support
  • The Careers Department doubling in size
  • Additional leadership opportunities for Year 11 pupils 
  •  A new Sixth Form Centre, see The Courthouse brochure for details or the BGS School News webpage for full details.

Bury Times:

Mrs Jo Anderson, Principal, said ‘We are excited to be able to offer our brilliant pupils even more fabulous experiences next year and very much look forward to welcoming new pupils to BGS. This is not a daunting school to join: we are friendly, open-minded and want all our pupils to have the happiest possible time at school’.

To find out more about Bury Grammar Senior School, please contact the Admissions Team on:

☎️ 0161 696 8600 (1) 📤 admissions@burygrammar.com


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