This week’s winner in the Made in Bury Weekly £2,000 Draw is Steve Holt with lucky ticket number 22293. Congratulations.

Leanne called Steve, when he answered he said he was hoping Leanne was going to give him some good news… he was right, as he was the winner.

Steve was on his lunch at Craftprint, where he has worked for nine years. His colleagues were so pleased he won and said the cake run was on him.

Steve grew up in Bury, he has previously worked for Bury Hospice and also helped at the Bury Cancer Support Centre.

Steve said his wife, Sheena, will be help with spending the money but he is looking to get a season ticket for Bury FC when they start playing again.

Steve celebrates his 70th birthday later in the year, so him and Sheena have booked to go on holiday to Tenerife.

Some of the winnings will go to making that birthday extra special.

He also has eight grandchildren who will probably all get a little treat too.

If you’d like to win like Steve go to for tickets.

The Made in Bury Weekly £2,000 Draw is a not-for-profit initiative with proceeds invested back in the Borough helping to retain and create jobs while supporting start-up businesses in with training and interest free loans.

There are only 2,400 tickets available and for just £2 per ticket per week, you have a chance to win £2,000 every Wednesday.

For more information contact Leanne on 07494 185595 or you can e-mail